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After opening our first restaurant, which had a rapid success and received a great welcome from our customers, we started a chain in Istanbul Turkiye. Simultaneously we started franchising our brand name Kudo Kudo internationally.

Presently, the company’s headquarters is located in Istanbul, Turkiye. Kudo Kudo is a fast growing successful chain that presently has over 50 locations worldwide, and more than 1000 employees who are working hard to ensure consistency of our products with the finest ingredients and signature recipes designed to excite customers all over the world.

Our Values

Good taste

Best price

Awesome quality





10M +




We decided to introduce a new way of serving fried chicken!

By combining diversify of traditions serving of fried chickens and our innovated way of serving crunchy fried chicken, which will combine the efficiency of fast-food services and the richness of traditional recipes and spices.

Our Vision

- Serving fried chicken in every neighborhood around the world

- Present a new approach of serving fresh & crunchy fried chicken, in quality fast food manner

- Strive to be the first choice of fried chicken loves around the world

What sets us apart

We are committed to serving chicken with the best-tasting and most wholesome ingredients.

We always provide high quality foods made with fresh ingredients.

Food Consistency
Food Consistency

With our trained staff and our secret recipe, the taste will always be consistent.

Family Friendly
Family Friendly

Comfortable places for families and children.

Our Rapid Delivery
Our Rapid Delivery

Order your meal and enjoy it while it's hot.

Our Most Loved Foods

KudoKudo constantly updates the menu to ensure diversity in the items provided, the menu contains more than 30 items.

We’re almost everywhere!

Over 50 locations across Turkey, Libya, Qatar, and Iraq!









Locations signed our franchise agreements in the Middle East are: All Arab Gulf Region - Jordan - Egypt - Syria - Palestine
Soon: Russia - Belarus - Kazakhstan - Kyrgyzstan - GeorgiaAzerbaijan - Malaysia - Africa Southeast AsiaSenegalWest Africa


Why Franchiseing with Kudo Kudo?

The brand awareness is already there. You get instant brand recognition. Your customers would be familiar with our brand and there is no need to gain your customers’ trust from scratch.

There’s an established framework.

We help to cut planning and searching time, we offer framework that has guidelines for how your business should work.

Ready-to-go Business

You will receive a partial that involves a comprehensive package starting from advise on best locations, building design,menu, marketing, supplies & equipment, furniture, that are usually sourced in bulk by Kudo Kudo.

No worry about developing a menu or concept.

Kudo Kudo has everything ready for you: menu strategy, successful concept, etc.

Training programs

Arranged by Kudo Kudo before letting you start helps in speeding up the opening of your own store.

Continuous Guidance is Available

We are keen to guide you to solve any difficulties you might face, through our international Franchise development system.

For information and franchising with Kudo Kudo please contact us at ...